Dura-Built's PORTABLE GARAGE is a big and beefy building
which can accommodate the size and weight of most
vehicles.  It is also very popular for workshops, garden sheds
as well as repair shops.        

Typical delivery time:  2 weeks

* Durable, "Smart Panel" composite exterior siding & trim
resists termites, splitting & cracking
* Delivered fully painted & caulked, your choice of colors
* 4" x 6" pressure treated runners
* Strong pressure treated joist system (16" o.c.)
* Heavy duty 5/8" pressure treated plywood floor
* Wide 9' x 6' 6" tall, roll-up door
* 3/0 - 6/8 pre-hung insulated steel side entry door
* 2' x 3' aluminum window, with screen
* Series of air vents positioned to create optimum circulation
and temperature control
* Choice of long lasting dimensional roof shingles OR
durable baked-on enamel metal roofing ( choice of color)
* Baked enamel metal drip edge
* Pricing includes FREE local setup and delivery
* Delivered fully built, NO missing parts or pieces
* Built by Mennonite Craftsmen
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Painted Wood BARN
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Shingles available in:
Black, Brown &
Weathered Wood (Grey)
* All buildings come completely painted.  
Pick the wall, trim & roof colors which
matches your home and business the best.
White                 Tan                      Clay
Brown                 Light Grey          Almond
Black                  Dark Green        Barn Red
Dark Grey          Taupe        
Portable Garage Interior