Superior Barns LLC. provides professional
delivery & set-up of your building free of
charge within a 50 mile radius.  Before
ordering your building, take a look around
your yard to find the best location to place it.  
The building will be arriving on a gooseneck
trailer (see above picture), so be sure to look
for any obstructions (fences, power lines,
trees, etc.) that may be in the path of the
building.  If you have questions about a
building being able to be delivered in your
yard, we would be glad to come look at your
spot to determine whether or not the building
will go in.  Tell the sales associate about any
questions you might have.  We block up to 16"
high at the highest corner. Additional Blocks
are $2.00 per block. ( 4" solid blocks)
*** FREE ***
Questions about Delivery ?
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