Interested in RENT TO OWN ?
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RENT TO OWN was established as an alternative to
mini-warehousing.  Our no strings plan allows you to
have your own storage facility for your backyard or
business, when and where you need it.  The low monthly
rental rates are comparable to mini-warehousing rates
per square foot.  You are not required to fill out a credit
application, nor are you required to keep your building.  
Only the first month's rent and a small security deposit
are required to get your building delivered.

Reasons to RENT TO OWN

* NO Credit Needed
* 36 low monthly payments
* Small security deposit
* You are not required to keep your building
* Adds value and beauty to your property
* Keeps valuable possessions secure
* If you are currently renting storage in a warehouse and
getting no return on your investment . . . why not have
the storage space in your own backyard AND have a
large chunk of each payment going toward owning
the building.
* Many people actually find RENT TO OWN cheaper than
conventional bank financing if they pay their building
off in the first half of the contract.  With conventional
financing, your early payments are applied mostly to
interest with the principal reduction mainly toward
the end of the contract.
* If you use your building in a business, your payments
can be deductible as storage expense.
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