The LOFTED BARN style is definately one of the most
popular buildings here at Backyard World.  The reason?  
When it comes to room for your stuff, it's hard to beat the
amount of cubic space generated by the double lofts in the
lofted barn.  The classic tall gambrel roof design of the
lofted barn also contributes to it's appeal.  Depending on the
size of your lofted barn, generally a 4' space is left in the
center of the building to allow access to front and back

Typical delivery time:  2 weeks

* Durable, #1 grade 5/8" pressure treated T1-11 Exterior
* Pressure treated trim boards
* 4" x 6" pressure treated runners
* Strong pressure treated joist system (16" o.c.)
* Heavy duty 5/8" pressure treated plywood floor
* All studs & rafters are on 16" centers. We use double stud
every 48", plus a triple stud corner design. "Brute Strength:
* Double overhead lofts, 4' or 6' space left open in the center
of the building, depending on size, lofts in front and back
* Exposed nails are ring shank and galvanized for maximum
strength and no rust spots or stains
* The 2"x 4" reinforced doors are designed to seal out rain
and rodents and are key locked for your protection
* Wide 70" double doors standard on 10' & 12' wide buildings
(8' wide buildings come standard with 58" double door)
* Series of air vents positioned to create optimum circulation
and temperature control
* Choice of long lasting dimensional roof shingles OR
upgrade to a durable baked-on enamel metal roofing
(choice of colors)
* Baked enamel metal drip edge
* Pricing includes FREE local setup and delivery
* Delivered fully built, NO missing parts or pieces
* Built by Mennonite Craftsmen
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Treated Wood LOFTED BARN
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10' x 16' Treated Wood Lofted Barn
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Black, Brown, Weathered Wood,
Dual Gray, Forest Green, Riveria
Red, & National Blue.