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Treated Wood BARN
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Superior Barn's treated wood BARN is a true backyard classic.  
This low profile design has been a storage staple for decades,
providing the most floor space for the money than any other
building style.  10' and 12' wide BARNS come standard with  
70" wide double doors ( the 8' wide barn comes standard with
a 46" single door ).  A window can be
added to the back of the building if needed.

Typical delivery time:  2 weeks

* Durable, #1 grade 5/8" pressure treated T1-11 Exterior
* Pressure treated trim boards
* 4" x 6" pressure treated runners
* Strong pressure treated joist system (16" o.c.)
* All studs & rafters are on 16" centers. We use double stud
every 48", plus a triple stud corner design. "Brute Strength:
* Heavy duty 5/8" pressure treated wood floor
* Exposed nails are ring shank and galvanized for maximum
strength and no rust spots or stains.
* The 2"x 4" reinforced doors are designed to seal out rain and
rodents and are key locked for your protection
* Series of air vents positioned to create optimum circulation
and temperature control
* Long lasting dimensional roof shingles OR upgrade to a
durable baked-on enamel metal roofing (choice of colors)
* Baked enamel metal drip edge
* Pricing includes FREE local setup and delivery
* Delivered fully built, NO missing parts or pieces
* Built by Mennonite Craftsmen
10' x 16' Treated Wood Barn
8' x 12' Treated Wood Barn
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Dual Gray, Forest Green, Riveria
Red, & National Blue.